Expanded version of the ungodly hour

It was an improperly planned trip .. booked the wrong train, got down at the wrong station at the wrong time, the goal was to be at the point where the bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian ocean meet by sunrise, but it appeared impossible.  It was the ungodly hour of the night when even the stray dogs would sleep, not a soul at sight .. I dared to walk slowly looking for people to ask for direction. Google maps failed me as the internet connectivity was zero. The point of the cellphone tower symbol showed nothing ..it was out of coverage area I realized, yet I kept walking down the road, finally found a tea shop that was open, words could never define how relieved I felt knowing that I could ask someone the way and wouldn’t miss the sunrise. He showed me the way and the place where I could get the bus, yet informed me I have to wait till 5.30 in the morning for the first bus. I decided not to waste my time over there and started walking hoping I would find some way to reach my destination on time. It was thrilling as the way resembled an abandoned village where​ there was no light except the flashlight of the cellphone and the lights of vehicles that crossed me .. dogs started howling as if they were wolves waiting for their prey. I had no choice but got to find a way, it was at that moment when my hope of watching the sunrise faded a vehicle stoped by.. I stuck a deal with him and got into it. As they say the night is cold and filled with terrors, I started wondering would such a travel be this easy for me if I were a woman. Never for a second I was scared of being raped or talking to strangers. Never for a moment I was scared to let anyone know I’m alone. The worst thing that could have happened is someone would have robbed me of my cellphone but thinking from a woman’s perspective, I understand how tough would it have been for them .. the truth is we as humans have failed to feel them secure. In other species it’s not always the same species that preys on its own.  We humans have become worse than animals or always have been. Men have become sexual predators and instead of appreciating the gentleness of Women we take advantage of that. Few can say not all men rape, but the truth is when you stand​ silent and given the feel that women should be protected it’s a total failure of men as a gender. Not just in the middle of the night men have made women feel insecure everywhere even inside the house. It’s natural to feel attracted to the opposite sex but how we express it is what that defines us. It’s ok to openly express your attraction but learning to accept No with a grace is something most men lack, our ego gets hurt and we become monsters craving revenge on them. The only solution to this is learning to accept the fact that they are also humans with feelings and not just an object of sex. This can be achieved only when parents raise their children teaching such values and ingrain them in the minds of kids .


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