Proud Indian

Proud Indian
That’s the term I read whenever I login in to social media
We are the only country in the world who has suppressed its own kind in the name casteism. After all the technological advances people still die in the gutter. We are the only ones who attack Dalits for drinking water in the upper caste well …we are the only one who kill humans over the meat they eat, when we have people who have nothing to eat. Cows are given more importance than humans and women do really feel scared to walk down the roads at night.
Incase you are proud of your culture remember we are the ones who killed women burning them alive in the name of sati.. female infanticide is still practiced and we had a system called devadasi ( slaves of gods and whores of men ).. we forbid education based on caste. Women were not allowed to cover their upper body. Men weren’t allowed inside temples .
We are 168 th in literacy, 131 in human development index, 122 in living a happy and peaceful life.

We top the list in a few things .. population, number of people who use technology and intolerance.
Just because you’re born in a country and you tell me you feel proud of all these. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about


6 thoughts on “Proud Indian

  1. As much as you say things it clearly shows your knowledge on history . There was nothing as India before independence just 567 princely states that were at war with each other so the statement 10,000 years is invalid. Family values came after Hindu marriage act until then all practiced polygamy. Kings had harem and you know what was that for . You may quote Jhansi Rani but Indians are the one who killed razziah sultana. Savitri bai too would have been killed if not for the British. British are the ones who gave permission for Nadar women to cover their breasts which the upper caste went against and the supreme court supported the Brits if not, most of the women in the south would be topless even now. Every nation had people who sacrificed their lives casabianca for example.


  2. No my knowledge on history may not be as profound as yours. But I know what I speak or in this case what I write.
    These so called at-war 567 princely states were part of Hindustan. This Hindustan never ever invaded any country. So my claim of india not having invaded any nation ever in last 10000 years is valid. You may want to refer history books on this to cross verify.
    When you talk of polygamy and harems – you are limiting yourself to a myopic view of only higher upper class and royal families. Harems belonged to moguls. Yes several Hindu kings also had multiple raanis and then the Devdasi culture and the AP called saints “blessing” the queens with sons – I am not advocating any of this, but when I speak of family values – I speak of the larger mass and not just one section of the society. Have you ever insisted on your dad knocking your room before he enters? has your mom ever spoken about sending her mother or mother in law to an elderly home?
    Murdering relatives for power and throne was again quite prevalent in royal families across the world. In india this bloodshed became more common after Mogul invasion. Raazia was a prey to the same. And again – you are choosing to look at only the royal families while making up your mind that our country has nothing to be proud of.
    Of Nadaar women not allowed to cover bosoms, I don’t have much to say. All I know is casteism inflicted by Brahmins forced them to keep their upper body uncovered. Glad the then regime took steps to correct it. But is this a reason enough for you to believe your country isn’t worth being proud of? Don’t stay time warped. Look where we are today. Again – you will find both negatives and positives to look at. It’s your choice what you want to focus on.
    Also who really are you comparing india with? I am sure you are good at History. I need not tell you about the blood bath of French churches, or the British royalty.
    The difference my friend, is in the perspective. Rest my case. Boarding a flight back home after long vacation. Hope by the time I land at my destination, you see something in india which will make your chest swell with pride. Amen.


  3. A very honest approach. However, for every single flaw listed by you, there are several reasons to still stay proud of our country.
    India has been the breeding ground of civilisation, medicine, technology and art.
    Without getting into details of who invented what, just wanted to mention some of the reasons why I get goosebumps each time national anthem plays or why I feel enormous pride each time I see the tricolour unfurl – a) we have never invaded any country in last 10000 years, an essentially peace loving population got together and ousted a long settled regime of British. A 16 year old Khudiram Bose when being taken away to prison sang to his mother – ek baar bidayi dao maa, ghure aashi. It means – ‘send me away for this one time, I will be back soon’. I am not even mentioning several other sung unsung heroes who we owe our freedom to. Which other country will have so many teenagers willing to sacrifice their life for their motherland?
    b) for every woman force-fed on opium and burnt alive in name of sati, we have had Rani Jhansi in history and Tessy Thomas in today’s age who make us proud beyond words.
    c) Apart from Japan, no other country can boast of such strong family values and bond as India does. While we may crib about lack of individual space, let’s not forget the huge role family values play in shaping our lives and our society.

    I can go on and on about several other things which make us proud but will end this note with just one thought – every country has its positives and negatives. In india negatives stand out because of our vastness and also the present generation is suddenly a very aware and conscious generation. Even I am pained by all the things you mentioned in your post – beefban, rape, corruption, casteism etc. But instead of relegating these issues as reasons for not being proud of one’s nation, it’s the responsibility of our educated and aware youth to get together and eradicate the country of its negatives.
    Cmon! Years back if we could wipe out the British, certainly today if we get together, we can certainly wipe out every single aspect which ails India.

    Just my thoughts.


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