Religious conditioning

A few days ago I was having lunch at the restaurant. The food was so delicious I started enjoying it. A few minutes later a Muslim came to the restaurant and sat in the table next to me, I saw him and kept munching, then there was a new man who was looking for a table tried to sit next to me .. since the space was small he couldn’t get in and he sat right opposite to the Muslim man .. sharing the same table .. the situation got intense as the new man who appeared to be an upper caste hindu was finding it uncomfortable to sit opposite to a Muslim in a vegetarian restaurant. It was evident he was looking for places to sit .. he found and moved to another table within a few minutes came another Muslim who opted to sit next to the Muslim and I figured out he was comfortable and relaxed and that made me think since all of them were strangers what made one person uncomfortable and tensed when it made another person comfortable and relaxed . The only thing I could think of is religion. I understood that years of conditioning on all of them makes them hate and be uncomfortable even without knowing. Religion makes one hate even those who you don’t really know and the need of the hour is nothing but athiesm

when was the last time 

when was the last time you 

spent the night on the beach with your loved ones ?

watched the rain from the window sipping your coffee?

read and nice book and discussed about it with others?

when was the last time you travelled enjoying the journey forgetting your destination?

when was the last time you spoke with a stranger and made a connection?

when was the last time you spent time with someone forgetting your phone?

when was the last time you wrote something for your loved one ?

when was the last time you went on a long drive just for the fun of driving ?

when was the last time you went on a trip lived the experience and didn’t click any pic ?

when was the last time you spent time with yourself forgetting the world ?

if any 4 of the above mentioned things didn’t happen in the last couple of months you need to work on your priorities.

Hinduism explained

What is Hinduism ?
When a lot of religious people can claim or give a lot of explanations the truth is
Hinduism was a religion invented by the British when they first grouped people of similar idol worship when they made the first census. The first reference to the word Hindu is found in the Persian text .. some say Hindu derived from indos the Greek way of calling the people of river Sindh , however we find no reference to the word Hindu in any vedic text .
The word was Santana dharma. Which divides people based on Varna and caste.

Casteism is the very essence of Hinduism. As long as Hinduism is there, casteism would co exist. Casteism is oppression of lower castes by the upper caste, forbidding education, lower caste women weren’t allowed to cover their breasts, men weren’t allowed to enter temples never allowed to touch water bodies or eat in plates. They first born girl of the low castes were forcibly made devadasis and were sexually exploited.
When spreading Hinduism in the western world most upper caste hindus conveniently ignore casteism and spread Hinduism claiming Hinduism is a way of living. Any way of living that tells you to oppress others isn’t a good way.
Truly an outsider can’t become a Hindu. Hinduism is a pyramid of castes where one can never go up or down. One is born and dies in the same level .
When a white skinned foreigner converts into Hinduism which caste would he belong ?
He doesn’t belong to any so he’s not really a Hindu.

Guess who 

She was beauty of the highest form

Can beauty be a curse?

Yes, it was for her . 

Everyone adored her for her beauty over her talents. 

She wanted to become a lawyer but fate player otherwise she became an artist 

As an artist she was abused and ill-treated. She was dragged into politics against her will. 

She wanted to get married and lead a peaceful life but the cruel world of men started playing with her life. Some just wanted her only for themselves, seperated her from the one she loved. 

When she began to represent her people they abused her inside one of the most prestigious place of the state, she ran away from her home. 

The lust of men followed her wherever she went, was brought back to politics. 

She fell right into the trap of a wicked woman, who wanted to take her place. 

There are a lot of people who called/ call her a strong and iron lady but to me, she is/ was just a toy in the hands of fate and men.

Proud Indian

Proud Indian
That’s the term I read whenever I login in to social media
We are the only country in the world who has suppressed its own kind in the name casteism. After all the technological advances people still die in the gutter. We are the only ones who attack Dalits for drinking water in the upper caste well …we are the only one who kill humans over the meat they eat, when we have people who have nothing to eat. Cows are given more importance than humans and women do really feel scared to walk down the roads at night.
Incase you are proud of your culture remember we are the ones who killed women burning them alive in the name of sati.. female infanticide is still practiced and we had a system called devadasi ( slaves of gods and whores of men ).. we forbid education based on caste. Women were not allowed to cover their upper body. Men weren’t allowed inside temples .
We are 168 th in literacy, 131 in human development index, 122 in living a happy and peaceful life.

We top the list in a few things .. population, number of people who use technology and intolerance.
Just because you’re born in a country and you tell me you feel proud of all these. I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

Beef ban

​Ban beef, Ban alcohol, Ban drugs . 

Too much of banning these days ..  I wish someone could ban the word ban. 

There are people who are against beef ban who claim it’s the violation of their fundamental rights given to them but the same people want alcohol banned that time they say it’s the will of the society, truly sounds  more like a hypocrisy to me. 

I’m against the ban of anything. Why should we as a society or the government poke it’s nose in the choices of individuals. 

Don’t ban anything just educate people about the ill effects and create awareness, like what we already have for cigarettes. 

Banning something will always tempt people to do what’s banned on the other hand educating and creating awareness will yield the expected result