The psychology of Modi Bhakts

In the end scenes of the movie Schindler’s list depict Amon Leopold Göth ( the Nazi captain and commandment of the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp ) being hanged, his last words before being hanged would be ” Heil Hitler” even after Hitler being defeated.

Modi bhakts in India have the similar mindset, even after being proved that modi is a failure. promises have now become lies with no development in sight, prices of petrol and gas shooting up despite the fall in crude oil prices, Demonetization failure resulting in the fall of GDP and the implementation of GST which is a disaster, they are not willing to admit that Modis development idea is a failure.

Now with the fall in economy many people who believed in modi as a strong leader who can bring a change has given up on him. They are irritated by the lynchings and his minsters negligence towards preventing disasters that could be avoided. Negligence of his team of ministers after being pointed out by people on social media, his stand on not condemning the violence in the name of Gaurakshas with a strong note and following trolls who give abusive threat to journalists even after being pointed out by the global media disappointed the people who voted for him believing his dramatic gimmicks of development. Those who voted for modi believing in development have completely given up on him after burning their hands putting a hole in their pockets. Those who have inked their finger for voting modi for the development propaganda are now regretting the choice they made and we are witnessing it on social media.

However there are people who say

” I still see him as a strong leader”

what makes them think he’s a strong leader after being proved a failure?

It is the hindutva agenda he stands for that makes those people think he’s a strong leader. Ashamed or hesitant to say it out in the open these people hide behind the mask of development propaganda even when there’s nothing. Under the mask of development lies a blood thirsty face of the hindutvawadis. Their agenda is one nation, one religion and one language which is completely against the secular and diverse fabric of India. Anyone who doesn’t comply with that is an anti national. They do not care about economy, inflation and joblessness. These people are no different than jihadis who wouldn’t mind dying to kill others. The are saffron terrorists. Their goal is Hindu Rashtra and would do anything, and are willing to sacrifice anything for that. They are the neo Nazis of India.

So the next time you hear the word

I still see Modi as a strong leader, you know who they are and what they stand for.

Be aware and don’t be fooled by dramatic promises.


Beef ban

​Ban beef, Ban alcohol, Ban drugs . 

Too much of banning these days ..  I wish someone could ban the word ban. 

There are people who are against beef ban who claim it’s the violation of their fundamental rights given to them but the same people want alcohol banned that time they say it’s the will of the society, truly sounds  more like a hypocrisy to me. 

I’m against the ban of anything. Why should we as a society or the government poke it’s nose in the choices of individuals. 

Don’t ban anything just educate people about the ill effects and create awareness, like what we already have for cigarettes. 

Banning something will always tempt people to do what’s banned on the other hand educating and creating awareness will yield the expected result

An unearthly hour

This is the post excerpt.

It was an improperly planned trip .. booked the wrong train, got down at the wrong station at the wrong time, the goal was to be at the point where the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean meet by sunrise, but it seemed impossible now.  It was an unholy time of the night when even the stray dogs would sleep, not a soul in sight .. I dared to walk, slowly looking for people to ask for direction. Google maps failed me as the internet connectivity was zero. The point of the cellphone tower symbol showed nothing ..It was out of coverage area I realized, yet I kept walking down that road, finally, found a tea shop open, words can never express how relieved I felt knowing that I could ask someone the way and wouldn’t miss my sunrise. He did show me the place where I could get the bus, yet informed me I have to wait till 5.30am for the first bus. I decided not to waste my time over there and started walking hoping I would find some othet way to reach my destination in time. It was thrilling, …. as the way resembled an abandoned village where​ there was no light except the flashlight of the cellphone and the lights of vehicles that crossed me .. dogs started howling as if they were wolves waiting for their prey😂. I had no choice but to find a way, it was at that moment, when my hope of watching the sunrise faded, a vehicle stopped by.. I struck a deal with him and got into it. As they say the night is cold and filled with terrors, I started wondering would such a travel be this easy for me if I were a woman. Never for a second I was scared of being raped or talking to strangers. Never for a moment I was scared to let anyone know I was alone. The worst thing that could have happened is someone would have robbed me of my cellphone but thinking from a woman’s perspective, I understand how tough it would have been for her .. the truth is we as humans have failed to feel them secure. Among other species, it’s not always the same species that preys on its own. We humans have become worse than animals or always have been. Many of our men have become sexual predators, we prey on them in their hour of need. Few can say not all men rape, but the truth is when you stand​ silent and give the feel that women should be protected it’s a total failure of men.