The Prison Diaries : Explanation of Hegemony

Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debt

The “prison notebooks” explain about the psychological warfare that the imperialists impose upon the colonies

Yes, most Indians go through the mindset. The attraction towards Western culture, we try to imitate them in every way possible. Wearing clothes that’s different to our climatic conditions, eating food that doesn’t suit us, buying imported cars and bikes that aren’t designed for our roads the list goes on.

If you stop for a moment and think why, which we never do one can understand this thought has been systematically influenced upon us through the media and by the society.

That’s how we are still slaves to Western imperialism. Antonio Gramsci terms it as hegemony

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen .

The Italian Marxist theorist
Antonio Gramsci.

Jan 22 1891.


It’s all in our mind 

What’s good? .. what’s bad?
What makes a woman good ? What makes a woman bad?
We live in this world as second handed people where almost all our judgements are clouded based on what we have been taught when we are raised. There is no originality in us. Our thoughts and judgements have always been influenced by external factors and our past experiences. Our mind is always conditioned and we aren’t even trying to break our conditioned mind. 
Yet, we judge others and term them good and bad. Even before we understand people we judge them. If a man drinks alcohol, he’s bad. If a woman smokes she’s bad. If she tries to break out her cages she’s bad. If a man has multiple affairs he’s a player, if a woman does that she’s a slut and above all we judge people based on their sexual orientation and the food they eat, some of us even try to brand them as sinners and punish them for it.
Why does it really matter what people do in their personal life? Who are we to judge them or brand them. Understand that no one is born to impress the other or live by the rules of others
Next time before you judge someone on what they do with their life there’s something called minding your own business .. try that .